About Us

Hi!  I’m Joy, the author of this blog. My middle name means Joy and I am always trying to bring more joy into my life so it seems like a good name to use for this blog. I love traveling, photography, taking naps and warm chocolate chip cookies (ideally without wheat or refined sugar!) For the purposes of this blog, my daughter will go by Coconut or Coco for short. Coco loves dancing, swimming, dogs and bananas. Why am I calling her coconut? She has gorgeous cocoa-colored skin and she’s quite the nut! Plus, I just love all things coconut, especially my little girl!

In July 2011, after selling or donating about 75% of what we owned, I rented out our house and moved 8,000 miles away to Manila. I was stressed out, exhausted, overwhelmed and broke. I knew I had to make a change. There is much to do to and the journey has just begun. You are welcome to follow along on our journey to finding health, wellness, financial security and joy while living in a foreign land. Welcome!


One Response to About Us

  1. kellycamille says:

    I love the layout, the pics, the categories, etc of your blog. You gotta teach me how to spruce mine up. I’m a novice!

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