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Vacation has been great. We flew into LA and spent 4 days there. From there we spent 3 days in DC where I celebrated my birthday. Then 5 days in Orlando at Disneyworld and the past week we’ve been relaxing … Continue reading

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Resolutions Update – June

Still no progress on the photo drama but in the meantime I can post this update on my resolutions: Short Term Goals: 1. Sign Coco up for ballet lessons Done! đŸ™‚ 2. Sign myself up for tennis lessons 3. Put … Continue reading

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I Deserve a Medal

I was just thinking about the move here and my first crazy year living abroad. When I think about all I went through and how DIFFICULT it was for me and the fact that I survived it (basically in tact) … Continue reading

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I Take on and Talk Too Much

I came here to simplify my life. I wanted to focus on living healthy lifestyle and spending time with my daughter. I had no idea my job was going to be so all-consuming and I had no idea Manila was … Continue reading

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Off to School Photography

In an effort to practice using my DSLR camera (until I get around to reading the manual) I pulled it out a few mornings this week to get the before-school photos. I still have no idea what I am doing … Continue reading

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I Hate Wasting Time

I just spent hours fighting exhaustion to complete a photo book before heading to bed and then damn thing didn’t save! I could seriously cry! It was an adorable book of Coco’s 2nd birthday party with all the text and … Continue reading

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Whew, I’m tired!

I just worked a 15 hour day. Got to work at 6:45am, left at 9:45pm. I woke up early because I knew I had a ton of things to get done. It wasn’t until I got there that  I realized … Continue reading

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