Coco Quotes

Coco says so many funny things and whenever I share them (especially with my mom) people say, “Oh, you gotta write that down!” I agree. I have already forgotten hundreds of things that she has said so from now on I will keep track of her funny quips and comments. Enjoy! 🙂

1. March 2012 (age 3 yrs. 9 mo) – I threw one of my bras away because the strap had broken off and Coco found it in the trash. She discovered it and fished it out and ran over to me with a very worried look saying, “Look, Mommy! Your boob!”

2. April 2012 (3yrs. 10mo.) – I was washing her hair in the tub and she screamed out in pain, “Ow, Mommy! You hurt me!” I apologized and said, “Sorry, Coco I am trying to be gentle” to which she replied, “Well, you are not learning.”

3. May 2012 (3yrs.11mo.) I was getting dressed for a party and trying on jewelry and so many things were broken. Frustrated I said, “Did you touch my jewelry?!” and she said, “No, Mommy, I didn’t” to which I responded kind of under my breath, “Well how come so many of my things are broken??” She said, “Well, maybe your stuff is just old.” LOL

4. June 2012 (4yrs) While sitting in time out she saw a mug of my sister’s with Peter Rabbit on it and said, “We have that in our house in ‘Nila (Manila).” “Yes we do,” I told her to which she said, “Mommy, how come the Mommy didn’t put her baby rabbits in time out?”

5. June 2012 (4yrs) While at Disneyworld we heard a baby crying and Coco asked why he was crying. I said, “Maybe he wants some milk or maybe he’s tired.” Coco said, “I think he wants some chicken.”

6. July 2012 (4yrs.1 mo.) Coco got me a cup of water at the doctor’s office. “Mmm” I said, “this is good.” She replied, “Why? Does it taste like chicken?”

7. July 2012 (4yrs.1 mo.) Coco saw a ladybug on a screen door. I told her it that finding a ladybug brings good luck. She said, “I think it’s my daddy. It’s God.”

8. July 2012 (4yrs.1mo) As we were driving in Pennsylvania I was pointing out things to Coco out the window like cows and farms. At one point I said, “Oh, look Coco! Look at that lovely house nestled in the trees!” “What nestle mean?” she asked. After I explained it to her she said, “We no have nestle in Anila (Manila)”


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