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Nighttime Parenting

Coco has a cough.  She woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep so I took her into the kitchen and warmed up some almond milk.And though I was up using my laptop in bed, she crawled in beside me … Continue reading

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Putting Up the Tree

Christmas is around the corner.  Well, it sure feels that way in Manila.  The malls have been decorated for weeks and everywhere you turn you hear Christmas music or see Santa Claus and there is constant talk of where people … Continue reading

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I said I’d never do it.  Kids should just act appropriately.  This was the pre-kid me speaking of course.  My child would never throw a tantrum in a grocery store or whine or beg for candy. And then I had … Continue reading

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Yogurt Girl

This girl loves yogurt!  She would eat it every day if she could.  Actually, she loves all dairy products, especially yogurt, cheese, milk and ice cream!  She seems to be lactose intolerant (well, at least with pasteurized cow’s milk) but … Continue reading

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Coco: Mama, Can I have pancakes? Me:  Not for dinner, Pumpkin. Coco:  I angry to you! And with that she hid in the cabinet.

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Christmas is Here

The lobby is decorated for Xmas.  Let me look at the calendar… ok, I’m back. It’s November 14th.  There are still 41 days til Christmas.  I guess that’s acceptable, although there are many of you who might feel that one … Continue reading

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New Curtains

Moving abroad means that you are leaving the lion share of your personal belongings behind and often your home never feels like your own.  You most likely rent and it’s usually they are already furnished.  Basically, all the things that you … Continue reading

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